I am a freelance creative producer with twenty years of experience of creating, developing, delivering and managing projects in the community arts sector. My skills include; devising and implementing projects, research, brokering partnerships and collaborations, establishing networks, securing funding, evaluation, teaching and mentoring. I am based in the West Midlands where I have worked with local authorities, universities, colleges, health trusts, private sector organisations and a vast range of community groups, artists and arts organisations. This work focuses on using the arts as method of engaging with people that can be used in many ways to benefit personal, community and environmental wellbeing.

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Great chat this week @laurenlaverne and @sophiescott re coping in isolation https://t.co/5d5ERpWHMK
artsandhealth photo
Jack Brougham @JackBrougham
Top tips on how to maintain good mental health during the lockdown from @sophiescott and @laurenlaverne on @BBC6Music . #livedrawing #illustration https://t.co/DF3E3zh0L4

A challenge: a bit of creativity every day. Mine this week just 4” square. This one in #textile but you could just try collage. Or drawing or painting. It can be calming and absorbing. Tag yours #CovidCreativity and join me? #wlvpgr @Newhampton share? https://t.co/2nY34YiF1S artsandhealth photo

Create To Connect 🌎We are trialling 2 weeks of fun, free and accessible creative challenges to do at home. Let's help isolation feel less isolating. Starts 23rd March. Sign up here: https://t.co/EzTWRUUW1C #CreateToConnect https://t.co/iXpBMrsezI https://t.co/WoKFH5cZtE artsandhealth photo


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