Art Practice


I use found objects, photography, collage and printmaking techniques to explore nature, nostalgia and family history. Here are some examples of my work and influences, click on the pictures for further information and images.

Out of Darkness Cometh Light

Out of Darkness is an online exhibition curated by Kom Achall that brings together the work of 21 artists who live, work or study in Wolverhampton. The work includes painting, sculpture, drawing, photography and mixed media all created during the Coronavirus lockdown from March to July 2020. The exhibition is inspired by Wolverhampton’s motto, ‘Out of Darkness, Cometh Light’ representing a symbol of hope in difficult times. My contribution to the exhibition is a series of nature photographs taken during walks at a time when noticing the sensory experiences of nature was a great solace. The exhibition can be seen on Flickr for the rest of July you can link to it here.  

Make Do and Mend

This series captures fragments of my own family’s history from
the 1930s to the 1970s. I am drawn to domestic ephemera such
as shopping lists, advertising, ornaments, sewing items and
Anaglypta. I work intuitively to combine these materials using
collage and printmaking techniques. I also use Frottage – a
method of taking an imprint from objects and textured surfaces
by rubbing with crayons. Through combining translucent
materials I build up layers which have personal meaning. These
methods are also deliberately childlike and handmade.

Growing Memories

In collaboration with artist Rebecca Green I am exploring images from my family archive relating to gardening and growing…

Paint The Day

Paint the Day is an annual art challenge organised by Newhampton Arts Centre in Wolverhampton. It celebrates the diversity…


I use collage to explore layers, texture and colour, nostalgia, childhood and memories. I always use found materials…


I was invited to take part in an exhibition marking fifty years since the Partition of India. The show was devised and curated…

Family Archive

A selection of photographs and objects that are significant to me.


Between 2016 and 2018 I worked with groups of children from Penn Fields Special School to develop a creative curriculum inspired…

Crayon Rubbing

I enjoy the shapes, texture and colour that can be created through the simple technique of using crayons on paper to take an imprint of textures…

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