Arts & Science

Examples of projects that bring together arts and science. 

Magnifying Mushrooms  

Magnifying Mushrooms is a new creative project exploring the importance of and beauty of fungi. The Boundary Way Project will be working with artists, makers, scientists and plant experts to learn more about fungi species, interrelationships in nature and the Wood Wide Web. A programme of art and nature activities will include nature connection sessions with Maria Billington, fungi inspired folklore with Anne Marie Lagram as well as workshops in drawing, painting and textiles.

The project is supported with funding awards from Grow Wild & the National Lottery Community Fund at Kew Gardens and an Open Access award from Creative Black Country.The project will be delivered in conjunction with community partners including West Park Primary School, Penn Fields Special School, Wolverhampton City of Sanctuary and the Wolverhampton branch of the Embroiderer’s Guild.

The Beyondness of Bees 

Boundary Way hosted this exhibition and workshop in April and May 2019. The project, inspired by honey bees was devised by artists Sue Brisco and Elise Stewart. Their idea focuses on microscopic examination of bees as inspiration for artwork in drawing and textiles. It goes beyond the familiar and explores first-hand a bee’s magnified hairy body vital for pollen grains to attach for pollination, or the ethereal translucent architectural details in the wing or the fascinating compound eye with hundreds of individual lenses. It also explores ultra-violet bee vision with light box drawings.  

The exhibition presented microscope observations and drawings of bee specimens made directly from the eye piece and demonstrates how these have been translated into stunning stitch piece embroideries.  

Sue and Elise received funding for this project through a Creative Black Country Open Access Award and developed it in collaboration with Wildside Activity Centre.

Let’s Talk About Fungi 

I will be supporting and hosting this project devised by Holly Pleydell and made possible with a youth award grant from Grow Wild UK and the National Lottery Community Fund. It combines research into fungi at Boundary Way with an artistic commission with artist Kanj Nicholas. Kanj will be creating new drawings and paintings inspired by fungi at Boundary Way. Following this, Holly will be collating facts about fungi, with photographs and Kanj’s artwork for a social media campaign that will raise awareness of the importance of fungi. The project will run in conjunction with the wider ‘Magnifying Mushrooms ‘ programme. 

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