Sustainability Statement

In my working practice I am committed to reducing and avoiding where possible any activities that will impact negatively on the environment, working in a way that is inclusive and focusing on projects that raise awareness of biodiversity, nature connection and wellbeing.

This statement is a work in progress document that outlines how I can reduce negative environmental impacts and raise awareness of sustainability in different areas of my work.

Promoting environmental sustainability within projects

Materials and supplies


  • Using less paper by reusing, using both sides and looking at alternatives, for example using online communication rather than printed materials where possible.
  • When paper is purchased choosing recycled.

Further information – Julie’s Bicycle’s fact sheet about paper and the environment.

Project development and working methods

  • Working in collaboration with local, regional and national partners to work towards shared goals.
  • Creating opportunities for sharing and networking through workshops and events.
  • Supporting other artists through providing professional development opportunities .

A more circular approach to making art

  • Using found and recycled materials to make work.
  • Avoiding buying new materials where possible, for example reusing existing frames for artwork or obtaining secondhand.
  • Reusing materials.
  • Exploring transitory and ephemeral art, for example land art with natural materials.
  • Creating photographic work that exists only digitally.
  • Working outdoors with found natural materials.
  • Repurposing unsold artworks.


  • Using public transport where possible.
  • Car sharing where possible.
  • Including public transport details on project and event publicity materials.

Food and drink

  • When catering using vegetarian food and offering vegan options.
  • Encouraging home prepared bring and share meals in conjunction with meetings and events.
  • Using homegrown food when available.
  • Avoiding single use plastic, encouraging use of refillable containers for water drinking.
  • Using ceramic mugs, glasses, plates and metal cutlery for catering.


  • Including a sustainability statement on my website.
  • Creating projects that explore environmental issues.
  • Sharing information and developing a community of practice with other artists.
  • Using Social Media to raise awareness and link with others.
  • Supporting curriculum development that encourages increased understanding and connection with nature.

Culture Declares a Climate Emergency

I am joining other artists and arts organisations in declaring a climate and ecological emergency. You can register and declare here.

Organisations in Wolverhampton that support recycling and reuse

  • Scarf  – The School & Community Arts Resource Facility

Designing a Sensibility for Sustainable Clothing  – @S4sSensibility 

collaborative research project between the University of Exeter and Wolverhampton University School of Arts exploring how we can contribute to finding solutions by encourage everyone to THINK, FEEL and ACT more sustainably in relation to the clothes we wear. 

 Links to further information

  • The UN Sustainable Development Goals – The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice.
  • Staging change – a network communicating the importance of environmental action and reducing environmental impacts in the theatre industry.
  • Julie’s Bicycle – a London based charity that supports the creative community to act on climate change and environmental sustainability.
  • Artist’s support agency Chrysalis Arts have produced a guide for artists interested in developing a more sustainable practice. It can be downloaded for free from their website here.

16th July 2020 © Moya Lloyd

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