I first met Moya through her excellent organisation of Creative Monday, where she brought together artists and creatives in Wolverhampton often for the first time. From this regular monthly meet-up I have made so many connections which have lasted over several years now. These people have become my tribe. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity to become part of a wide network of friends and colleagues in art. 

I am truly grateful to have been an artist working at Boundary Way project under the super efficient and visionary actions of Moya Lloyd. It has made a huge impact on my work and I continue to draw inspiration in both my personal art and my workshops from the activities we put on there. Moya leads in an efficient and caring way, leaving room for personal ideas and style of the artists involved. She seamlessly takes the lead in initial planning, execution and finishing of events and is a pleasure to work alongside. 

Clare Wassermann, Artist

I’ve known Moya for over fifteen years. She is an exceptionally talented arts worker who has great rapport with the people she works with. Moya is a specialist in Arts into Health work and during her time working with the Creative Development Team at Walsall Council came up with innovative and successful arts projects that added to the team’s successful portfolio of arts work.  

Glen Buglass, Manager of Walsall Council Creative Development Team

Moya’s support and encouragement has been invaluable to me both as an artist and  arts facilitator. She is my go-to person for clear unbiased advice regarding funding, running projects, evaluating and also for moral support. Her experience in so many aspects of the arts sector and also the fact she is a working artist herself means she really understands things from all aspects. Moya’s commitment to the benefits of providing creative engagement to local communities is inspiring and has meant a lot of people of all ages, backgrounds and needs have taken part in meaningful arts activities, as have the artists she has engaged, nurtured and supported. 

Anne-Marie Lagram, Artist

Moya Lloyd, commissioned me as an artist in a residency project funded by the Arts Council England, which took place at Boundary Way Allotments in Wolverhampton, in 2017. Whilst working with Moya, I have experienced her skills as a facilitator and project leader. Moya’s strength lies in her ability to gently encourage and lead her team with empathy and humour. Her vision and passion for this project has had a profound impact on the local and wider community while drawing together artists in Wolverhampton, as well as further afield.

Moya developed and led, Creative Monday,  a networking event for artists in Wolverhampton. Most artists spend their time working and creating in isolation. This event enabled the artistic community in Wolverhampton to connect and establish links, which otherwise were not possible. As a result of Moya’s efforts, we benefitted significantly from the monthly gathering by meeting likeminded people and learning about numerous events and opportunities

Kanj Nicholas, Artist
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